About Us: We are Brown and Proud

Chicano Hollywood is a movement dedicated to showcasing Chicano stories and talent in the entertainment industry. There are over 40 million Chicanos (Mexican descent) in the US and another 10 million of those that are “Chicano culture” that must be genuinely represented to a society that has negatively stereotyped us. We strongly believe that our stories must be told in our voice and with our faces for that stigma to truly change. We are dedicated to represent the Chicano voice in every space of culture because if we don’t others will continue to box us in a negative way.

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Chicanos/Latinos are the largest minority in the US and soon to be the majority. We were here first but for some reason we are last. That must change and together we can change it. Chicano Hollywood is the first media company dedicated to elevating, entertaining and empowering the 40-50 million English speaking Americans that identify as Chicanos or with Chicano culture. We are a movement that will united Chicano creators with the Chicano audience to establish a platform that is by us and for us.